Strategic Internet Marketing – Benefits of Research

strategic internet marketing naplesIn difficult times like we are experiencing now, it is more important than ever to use strategic internet marketing when trying to increase traffic to your website. What I mean by “strategic” is that there must be an overall strategy that must be researched prior to the start of the SEO process. If you go into a campaign without a good idea of the competition and the goals you are trying to reach, you are going to have trouble succeeding.

The first step in developing a strategy for internet marketing is to first look at the keywords you are trying to rank for. There are several pieces of the puzzle which are critical to ensure that you are not biting off more than you can chew. It is also important not to undershoot the mark and waste time on long keyword strings that do not provide substantial benefit.

When looking at keywords in relation to strategic internet marketing, a good approach is to focus on finding keywords that have the highest traffic with the least amount of competition. Although I have many tools that I use to discover niche keywords, I always like to begin with a basic search of all the
possible combinations. The search for keywords can be done with the Google AdWords keyword tool which works very effectively.

I usually begin by searching on the main keywords I am trying to target for. This is a broad search with the goal of identifying potential niche keyword phrases outside of the words I am accustomed to. The results can be exported into an Excel file where the data can be manipulated and analyzed. I have an
extensive background using spreadsheet software going back to the early days of Lotus 1-2-3 up until today with Microsoft Excel. This allows me to do a lot of things to get the results I want. If there are any new keyword strings that look like good niches, I add these to the list.

After a broad search has been looked at, I usually go in and perform a more targeted search for keywords. This is strategic internet marketing because I check the box in the AdWords tool that only shows ideas closely related to my search terms. By doing this, I can often come up with up to 800 variations of keywords all related to the main keyword I am targeting. The strategy is to build a campaign around these base keywords by performing internet marketing such as SEO. By using several of the longer
strings of keywords, I have a better chance of ranking well with the search engines. This is because the longer keyword strings usually have less competition.

As you can see, it is important in business to have a strategic internet marketing plan that incorporates your basic keywords. Take the time to do the research because it will pay huge dividends in the long run.

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