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As a Naples web design company, PageRank-Plus integrates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into the process. It also continues forward for the life of the domain and evolves with it. That’s why it is beneficial to use an internet marketing company that is local. This affords the opportunity to meet face to face with the key players in your success. Our Naples, Florida location offers this advantage to anyone in southwest Florida.

An effective web design or re-design is critical to the success of any internet marketing campaign. The strategies implemented in the design should compliment and work synergistically with the search engine optimization campaign.

Here is a snapshot of the overall process:

  • Website Design and Redesign – Offer client-friendly website design and redesign services. There is a great need and demand for business owners to have the ability to add or change the content and message of their website. This is accomplished through the use of programs such as WordPress. Clients will be able to log in to their site and play an active role in the marketing of it. This provides cost savings, flexibility, and quality content to the internet marketing campaign.
  • “User Interface” Design (UI) gives users an intuitive and interactive experience while visiting the website. UI incorporates good graphic design elements with client side interactive scripting. This is very important since proper UI design results in better user experience and can greatly improve conversions/sales/lead generation.
  • Web Application Development – Web Apps are cross platform compatible, meaning they work on any operating system that has a modern web browser. These require advanced server side programming that PageRank-Plus provides for development and as an ongoing service.
  • Updating content, network/server administration, consulting, and ongoing website development.

SEO Web Design

As a premier Naples web design company, one of our specialties is using WordPress. This software is perfect for search engine optimization while allowing a very user friendly way for clients to maintain the content, look and feel of their website. Google is especially fond of WordPress, so it just makes sense to offer this option to our clients.

WordPress makes use of numerous search engine friendly functions that are intended to improve the indexing of your webpages for search engines.

Among the most important features is that new blog posts immediately appear on the homepage. The homepage is regarded as to be the highest priority webpage within your website so naturally search engines will focus a lot of attention on it. By regularly adding weblog posts you are updating your homepage. When the search engines send spiders to your weblog they will instantly recognize that the webpage has changed and consequently schedule more frequent indexing.

In addition to the “built in” SEO components of WordPress, we have added numerous custom search engine optimization functions.  This adds to our effectiveness as a web design company and provides greater visibility and traffic to your website.

One of the most important is the XML sitemap generation. Without getting into a technical description of how XML works, the feature essentially automatically updates the search engines whenever you add new content. We have seen this result in having new blog entries being indexed by search engines and appearing in search results within 3 minutes of becoming published!

Another feature we add is making meta tags and URLs that focus on the key phrases that you would like to appear in the search engines. By focusing on a couple of key phrases, the website’s meta tags inform the search engine’s spiders that the web site has a specific keyword niche. By continually focusing on those keyword within the blog titles and text, we’re enforcing the idea that the website is relevant and authoritative to that keyword niche.

Obviously paramount to the whole undertaking would be to identify your keyword niche. That’s where PageRank-Plus excels combined with our overall SEO and Internet Marketing Programs.

Look no further for the best Naples web design company… PageRank-Plus can do it all. Further, you can be assured that your project work will be done completely in-house and not farmed out to discount providers.

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